Suzuki SV 650 X 2018-2022 ABE Heck Tieferlegung

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Suzuki SV 650 X 2018- Lowering Kit with MOT Papers in bikefarmMV Shop - Pay Pal Express Payment - Suspension Linkages with Papers and Stamps

lower: ca. 30mm

- Collocazione più in basso per la motot

- Rabattement de la poupe pour la moto

- Made in Germany


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- registered Shipping EU: 17,90€

- registered Shipping World: 39,90€

bikefarmMV is well known for their wide range of tail lowerer.

Bones, Triangular Plates or many other Systems for Tail Lowering.

Changing the Suspension Linkages also changes the geometry of the rear suspension - and go down with the seat.