MOTUL insect cleaner 400ml pump bottle 714.01.53

MOTUL insect cleaner 400ml pump bottle 714.01.53

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MOTUL insect 400 ml


´Motul Insect Remover E7 Insect Remover

Motul E7 Insect Remover quickly and effectively removes insect dirt and other organic residues such as Bird droppings from panels and other plastic surfaces. Gentle on the material, does not attack the surface.


- Practical to use, cleans quickly and thoroughly without water: removes insects and other organic soiling without scratching

- Gel component enables optimal adhesion to the surface and improves dirt loosening behavior

- Removes insects and dirt quickly and gently without damaging the surface


- Germany: € 3.90

- EU: € 11.90

- World: € 19.90