BMV XL set plastic outside high gloss / pre-cleaner 1000ml + finish 400ml pump bottles

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XL Set exclusively on

outside and inside PLASTICS

- cleaning - strong refreshment - maintenance

- 1000ml pre cleaner

- 400ml high gloss finishinish


bMV XL set for all types of plastics.

Cleaning system proven over many years.

Problem-free and time-saving use on plastics and paints.

Long-lasting, dry and high-gloss protection against dust, water or various other deposits.

Anyone who has struggled with normal cleaners so far will be delighted.

Economical use.

The 1000ml pre-cleaner is usually not required for indoor use.


- Removes even stubborn dirt such as insects, bird droppings, diesel soot quickly and gently and does not attack paintwork and chrome

- Behaves neutrally towards rubber and plastics

- Has a preservative effect. The protective film provides long-lasting protection

- User-friendly bottles with adjustable spray head

- stain-free without laborious polishing - just rub dry - done.


- Germany: € 3.90

- EU: € 11.90

- World: € 19.90