bMV Basic Set plastic inside high gloss / finish 400ml pump bottles

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Basic Set exclusively on


- cleaning - maintenance

- 400ml high gloss finishinish


bMV Basic Set for all types of plastics and paints.

Cleaning system proven over many years.

Problem-free and time-saving use on plastics and paints.

Long-lasting, dry and high-gloss protection against dust, water or various other deposits.

Anyone who has struggled with normal cleaners so far will be delighted.

Economical use.

For indoor use. Can also be used outdoors, but coarser dirt must be removed beforehand.


- Streak and stain-free, high-gloss surface with little effort.

- Behaves neutrally towards rubber and plastics

- Has a preservative effect. The protective film provides long-lasting protection

- User-friendly bottles with adjustable spray head

- stain-free without laborious polishing - just rub dry - done.


- Germany: € 3.90

- EU: € 11.90

- World: € 19.90